Your Visit

What to Expect at Your Appointments

Initial appointment 

Your first 90-minute appointment is an intake session and will begin with a thorough discussion about your health concerns and medical history.

A complaint-oriented physical exam and laboratory test results may be required for assessment and diagnosis. 

Please bring your completed intake forms, laboratory results from within the previous year (if you have), and medications and/or vitamin supplements.

Second follow-up appointment 

This 60-minute appointment is scheduled at least one week after the initial appointment. This time allows Suzanne to thoroughly assess your information so that she can create a personalized treatment plan to get you on the right track towards good health. At this appointment, we will discuss the proposed treatment plan and ensure that it is doable for you.

Subsequent follow-up appointments – in-person, Skype or phone

These 45-minute follow-up appointments are scheduled at least 1-2 months apart. These appointments are an opportunity to evaluate your response to treatment and discuss next steps in your treatment plan. If acupuncture is part of your plan, then this would be incorporated into the 45-minute session.

Please download and fill out these forms prior to your or your child’s first visit.

For your convenience you can book an appointment online with Suzanne.